Outrageous Dreams ~ Outrageous Reality

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"The superconscious is the result of loving Who you are, absolutely and unconditionally,
as a perfect and eternal expression of Source. ~P'taah

A Session with P'taah through Jani King

DESCRIPTION from P'taah.com

"Who are we really? P'taah says we are powerful sovereign gods and goddesses who are, in every moment, no matter how it seems, Perfect and Eternal Expressions of Source.

"From the moment we are born, we begin forgetting who we are and become enmeshed in the collective consciousness of chaos and fear that grips our planet. Instead of living with joy and abundance, we live our lives in fear, terrible loneliness, pain, and suffering. 

"But fear is not our enemy. It is only that tiny part of us that has forgotten the truth of who we really are. To transform fear, P'taah gives us a simple recipe to swirl the knot of fear in the belly into a powerful surge of love, the creative energy of Source.  

"If you are tired of living in pain and fear and know in your heart that there is a better way, this is a DVD you will treasure and watch over and over again, both for the information it contains and for the sheer joy of being immersed in P'taah's energy and words." 

  • Starring: Jani King and P'Taah
  • Runtime: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Release year: 2006

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    BACKGROUND: Peter O. Erbe, author of "GOD I AM: Tragic to Magic", wrote the forward to the book "The P'taah Tapes" that chronicals the 16 week 1991 meeting of a group of people in North Queensland, Australia, many of which were A Course in Miracle students, to hear P'taah speak.  Peter writes , "Gently he dissolves the imprisoning shackles of dogma and concept, which lock Man into a consciousness of survival thinking, and reveals, contrary to all appearances, an irresistable, breathtakingly beautiful destiny for Mankind."


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