The Vintage Best
of The New Troubadours



   The Magic of Findhorn, Scotland 1970's

Flower Children of the 70's do you REMEMBER those times? This song brings back so many memories of those magical times when our consciousness was raising. We danced Sufi dances of joy, tie-dyed our clothing, handed policemen our flowers, grew our own food and wheatgrass, made tofu and yogurt and chanted beautiful mantras.

The New Troubadours was a band formed by David Spangler and his friends at Findhorn, Scotland during those magical days.

Lorian Press has now put together a compilation of 16 of those songs from that era called:

The Vintage Best of The New Troubadours



1. In My Name
2. Change Can Come
3. The Love Affirmation
4. Pan And Jesus
5. Love One Another
6. Let New Worlds Grow
7. Free
8. In The Beginning
9. Canticle
10. Where There Is A Will
11. Happy Song
12. I Dreamed A Dream
13. The River
14. Winds Of Birth
15. Song Of The Avatars
16. Festival Of Light

The Magic of Findhorn Scotland 1970's

Lyrics - In My Name:

The Vintage Best of The New Troubadours CD

IN MY NAME (Words by David Spangler; Music by Milenko Matanovic)

Joy is My Name!
Joy that sings when sap runs high,
Leaps from mountains to the sky;
Joy that laughs while the heavens sing,
Joy that moves through everything!
Joy is My Name!


Where two or more are gathered
In My Name,
There I am in the midst of them.
Be My Name!

Love is My Name!
Love that lives in a mother’s care,
Sings in kisses lovers share;
Love that greets a lonely soul,
Makes him one with the cosmic Whole!
Love is My Name!


Peace is My Name!
Peace that lies on the world at dawn;
Peace of the heart when fear is gone.
Peace of the oceans, still and deep;
Peace of a baby fast asleep.
Peace is My Name!


Life is My Name!
Life that lies in the silent earth,
Thrills each seed to vibrant birth;
Life that knows no end, no death,
Surging on with cosmic breath!
Life is My Name!

Together all my children!
Be My Name!
Give me birth in the midst of you.
Be My Name!
Where two or more are gathered
In My Name,
There I am in the midst of them.
Be My Name!

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Lyrics - Change Can Come:

The Vintage Best of The New Troubadours CD

CHANGE CAN COME (Words and Music by Lark Batteau)

Change can come in the twinking of an eye,
In the ripple upon a lake.
Change can come in the color of a flower,
In the sparkle of morning dew.
When the Light catches you.
In that tiny moment, you are transformed.

And the radiance of Christ
Shines forth in reply
From within, and has made itself known,
And from the two is born
A new world.

Come let us join
Our many gold flickerings
And create one Light,



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